Bethesda Academy | William H. Ford, Sr. Museum & Visitor's Center

Supporting the Museum

The William H. Ford, Sr. Museum & Visitors Center at Bethesda Academy offers a unique experience: to learn about an organization that has been in existence for 270+ years, an organization whose fingerprints are on so much of our nation’s history.  Just as our country has changed and grown since its founding, so has Bethesda – and those changes have occurred without ever wavering from Rev. George Whitefield’s values established in 1740: a love of God, a love of learning, and a strong work ethic.

This is, indeed, a special place. Help Bethesda continue to share its rich history and remarkable impact by making a one-time donation or a legacy gift. Your support of the Ford Museum will help take Bethesda’s story to an even wider audience.

If you’d like to support the museum, please contact Andrea Dove at or call 912.644.4376 for more information.